Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Happens In Vegas...

Doesn't always stay in Vegas! Several years ago, the husband and I lived there...it's where we got married (five years ago tomorrow!) and where GQ was born. Couldn't leave either of them there! :D

As I was browsing the net yesterday I came across an awesome Zoe + Sprout. They offer some fun and funky fashions for the little people in our lives. And they offer organic cotton versions of their products, which helps with our continuing effort to be as green as we can.

I bought GQ this shirt:
I {love} it and know the husband will too! It's perfect for the annual Crawfish Party we attend. We're supposed to wear crazy t-shirts, now GQ and the husband are covered. I was going to avoid wearing a crazy t-shirt but the husband asked last night what I was going to buy. Guess I should start my search...

If you have a little one and enjoy the humor, be sure to check out Zoe + Sprout, they have so many cute t-shirts and caps to browse through and buy...several with the organic option. Some of my favorites:

I shot J.R.
my tricycle is a hybrid
I'm with the band
The Dog Hates Me
Bo & Luke (set for twins)
Backseat Driver (GQ totally needs this one!)
Crumb Snatcher

Have a good one!


Jenny O. said...


I have one that says "Trophy Wife." Cracks me up all the time.

And along comes three... said...

Love that shirt...too funny! Can't wait to check out the site for some cute tees for my little ones!

1 Crafty Gal said...

Haaa haaa!!! Awesome!!! I need one for D that says this about Gatlinburg, although...nothing ever stays there. LMAO!