Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've found another hobby...

Running! Can't say it's a hobby that I love as much as paper crafting, but I'm liking it. We have sort of a love/hate relationship...I hate getting up early to beat the heat when I run, I hate the running part but I'm loving how I feel immediately after and what it's doing for my body. And I'm thinking as I move along in my training I'll actually love (well, maybe enjoy) running.

I've been running (running = jogging) for about six weeks now and am building up my endurance. I've never been a runner. I always joked that the only time I'd run would be if somebody was chasing me. But now I'm getting up around 6:15am to just go out and do it on my own. I would definitely love to run a 5k this fall but am not making any commitments yet. I just want to see how I progress and maybe in October when the weather cools off a bit I'll sign up for one.

Last week while I was in Ohio visiting family I did run one day. Wanted to get two in but the lack of sleep and my own bed caught up with me and the 2nd run didn't happen. I found out on Wednesday when I was back home that my running shoes got damaged on the plane ride home. The toe on my right shoe now has a hole in it. Annoying. But I needed to be fitted for proper shoes and this gave me reason to go and do it. I dreaded this shoe shopping adventure because I knew I was going to a running shop and going to run while somebody watched my actual run. I warned them that it wasn't pretty but he promised not to make fun of me, at least in front of me. LOL! Big thanks to Run For Your Life in Stonecrest for making my shoe shopping adventure pretty painless. Thanks for not making fun of me :D

I promise I'm not going to let running overtake my paper crafting hobby. I have lots of new projects waiting to be done. I need to get some supplies and get started. And I think I'm going to scrap that picture above. It will help keep me motivated and hopefully that pair will be my first in a long line of worn out running shoes.


And along comes three... said...

I'm so impressed! I'm sure you'll be running a 5k by fall!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Good for you! Maybe I will get my butt motivated to join you!

1 Crafty Gal said...

Keep it up girl!!! I am so hoping you will rub off on me!!!

I LOVE the clip!!!! LMAO! My favorite Friends episode by far.