Friday, December 19, 2008

Coffee and art...

GQ and I got out for some much needed social time friends. The mommies had coffee and the kiddos went to Noah's Art for a fun winter art class. It was only an hour long but they got quite a few projects done in that time. These are three ornaments GQ made for me; he presented them in a sweet gift bag he decorated with stickers! He also made mommy and daddy each a picture with construction paper stars and some paint.

During art class three mommies got to have coffee and conversation with out being interrupted. It was soooooooooo nice! You don't quite understand what I mean by coversation with out being interrupted until you spend all day with GQ as he fires away constant questions...right now he's been asking lots about dinosaurs, extinction, death, cemetaries and pretty much any and all random thoughts that pop into his brain. I'm so glad he is inquisitive and eager to learn, but it's exhausting! Sometimes I need a few moments to process the deepness of a question he just asked, but by the time I've done that he's moved on to something else...I'm telling you, it's exhausting!

Anyway, I can't wait to do it again!


1 Crafty Gal said...

Those are by far the cutest little ornaments I have seen. Way to go GQ!!!

I can totally picture all the questions he is asking you. ROFLMAO! Poor woman! I refuse to teach D how to talk.

mjenningsdesigns said...

Super cute and so jealous of the Mommy time!

Merry Christmas!