Wednesday, October 29, 2008

fourth fourth tag...

I noticed on my friend Jenny's blog that she had her eye on me ;) She started a fun little game where you go to your picture file and pull up your 4th folder and then the 4th picture in that folder and post it along w/a little explanation of the photo. So before her eye on me turns into the evil stink eye, I'm posting my picture. LOL!

Luckily I had a 4th folder and 4th picture in that folder to do this tag. I spent last weekend archiving photos on disc and removing them from the computer, but I also uploaded some recent October pictures that are in need of scrapping.

Here is the qualifying picture:

It's a picture of the pumpkins GQ and I painted for Halloween. We picked these pumpkins at a real pumpkin patch, except GQ wanted to pick from the big pile that had already been picked vs. going out into the field and picking our own. We painted the pumpkins as soon as we got home and it took a good 12 hours for GQ's to dry, there were several coats of paint on that pumpkin. He was so proud of it and excited to place it on the front porch for everybody to see. It was such a cute moment to experience his excitement!

Now it's your turn to carry on the game...who's playing?
Karie Melissa Kim


1 Crafty Gal said...

Ohhh, I think it's gonna be a picture of my baby boy. We shall see!!! Heee heee!

1 Crafty Gal said...

Ohhh, and SWEET job on the pumpkins! Love GQ's pumpkin and the teeth on yours. Looks like you make it look like ME! Heee heeee