Monday, September 8, 2008

Safety check...failed

I had to shower and GQ didn’t want to come upstairs with me to watch a movie in my room; he was watching something downstairs and not willing to budge. I decided I’d let him continue watching his cartoon while I ran up and took a quick shower. Before I was willing to leave him downstairs, out of my ear shot, I gave him a brief safety quiz.

Me: GQ, if I’m in the shower and somebody knocks at the door or rings the bell…what do you do?
GQ: (very excitedly) I answer it!
Me: No.
GQ: But I won’t let any flies in when I open the door.
Me: GQ, you don’t ever answer the door when mommy and daddy are not there with you. So, if I’m in the shower and somebody knocks at the door or rings the bell, what do you do?
GQ: (again, very excitedly) I just go and look out the window at them!
Me: No. What you do is nothing. I don’t want you to get off the couch while I’m up in the shower.
GQ: OK mommy, I won’t move.

As soon as I was out of the shower and dressed GQ reported to me "nobody came to the door and I didn’t move off the couch…even though I really wanted to get up and get a snack!"

ETA...I told the husband about then when he got home from work and we decided we're going to test GQ this weekend. Hopefully the lesson he learned will remain with him and he won't answer the door.

Have a good one!


My name is Kim....... said...

Sounds like he listen.He didn't even get up for a snack! I know that snacks are pretty serious business in our house. He must have great will power. :)

kellyliz82 said...

We had to work on this with Jackson when we moved here. He was quick to open the door if I was in the kitchen or something. So before i took showers with him still downstairs we worked hard on coming upstairs and telling me that someone is at the door. So far so good.

paula :: plays with mud said...

omgosh - that's funny that he wanted a snack and stayed put. good boy!

1 Crafty Gal said...

WHY do I drink my diet coke while reading your blog or e-mails??? WHY???? ROFLMAO!!!!

I put $ on it that he answers the door. I had to get a lock for my front door that you can onlly unlock with a key. Then, because I'm scared to death of a fire, we put a nail in the top of the door to hang that key on so it's always reachable (to the big people).

mjenningsdesigns said...

You are totally cracking me up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am seriously thinking he is going to answer that door...