Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lots of scrapbook pages...

Wanted to show off a few of the pages that I've gotten done the past few days. The picture stack is now two pictures, but I'm waiting to take one more picture to complete that layout. And I'll have more to scrap once we get home from our upcoming weekend at the beach.

The layouts below are the husband and his friends. They went to NY to see their team, the Cincinnati Reds, play the Yankees. This game was big for reasons I don't completely understand, but this was the last year for Yankee Stadium and inter-league play had something to do with it too. They also managed to squeeze in an REM concert that featured Modest Mouse and The National (all are favorites of the husband and The National is a Cincinnati-based band that hit it big and members went to school with a few of the guys on the trip and related to one of them by marriage.) The husband couldn't have been more excited...great music, his favorite baseball team and an all guys weekend with friends we don't see too often because they live several states away.

Moving on to some summer pictures of GQ. He's certainly growing up and gaining some patience. In this layout he was found putting together a 36 piece puzzle that he's had for almost a year and had zero patience for. I was really surprised when I walked into our playroom and found him putting it together on his own.

Sweet rain...after having a decent drought down here in the Carolinas it's been refreshing to have some rain. We have actually had enough to really green up the grass. We've had our share of severe weather scares, although they panic about winds down here turning into tornadoes all the time. The weathermen take over the air waves. Being from Ohio and used to severe weather, we don't head to the bathroom with blankets until we hear sirens. If we listened to the weathermen we'd be crouched in our bathrooms with blankets and flashlights for hours at a time. Try doing that with a four year old in a downstairs powder for 10 minutes, 3 hours, not so much. :D Anyway, this is a picture of GQ enjoying a raining afternoon that didn't come along with any thunder, lightening or high winds. It was perfect for playing in the puddles!

And lastly...our vacation to Ohio. We spent 10 days up in Ohio visiting friends in Cincinnati and family in the middle and top of the state. We were all over the place! But it was great to see everybody and difficult to choose which pictures made it onto the layout. I had about 50 pictures and about 1/2 of them weren't really good. It seemed like pictures where somebody was walking through the shot or closing their eyes were the pictures that turned out clearly. And somehow I managed to not get one picture of my mom. Not my best picture taking vacation, I guess.

Thanks for letting me show off some of our summer moments...I hope I wasn't too long-winded for you. :D


1 Crafty Gal said...

OMG I love these!!!! You do such awesome pages girl. I am such a boring scrapbooker.

I love how you created OHIO on the one page. That is just a great idea!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Those are great! You are so creative!