Sunday, July 20, 2008

I think our little guy can read and spell...

seriously. I turned on the television this morning and GQ told me that something about bowling was coming on. I looked up at the television and it said bowling across the screen. No pictures to indicate bowling, just words on the screen. And on several occasions I've spelled things to the husband ( I swore I'd never be a mom that spelled instead of just saying, so I was wrong :D ) and GQ asks why we're talking about whatever it is that I just spelled. **scratching head**

This is all amazing to me because GQ is sooooo stubborn that teaching him letters and numbers is nearly impossible. Though I have gotten through 1/3 of the alphabet with him, sometimes it seems like it'd be more productive to just pound my head on the wall. He thinks it's funny to see how frustrated mommy can get! A home-schooler I will never be.

Maybe GQ doesn't want to sit and learn letters and numbers with me because he already knows them? Maybe he's just playing games with me to make me think he doesn't know them and has no desire to learn them. Maybe he's just a big stinker :D


mjenningsdesigns said...

How exciting! I am in the same boat with Peyton! I can't believe how smart they are!

I am so stoked that we are meeting!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to our lunch :-)

1 Crafty Gal said...

Shoot girl, he's picking up way more than you realize. Good going GQ!!! **bad mommy confession** Joey learns most of his stuff from Thomas. LOL!