Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He's turning a corner...

as he gets closer to his 4th birthday! I can't believe my baby is going to be 4 years old in a few months. It's so fun to watch him transform...we've gone from a time of constant battle of wills to a reasonable little boy that will now walk into the kitchen and sit in his time-out chair when he's told. He doesn't resist, he knows he's been bad and that's the punishment. And the time-outs only occur every other day or so and not three to four times a day...I guess all our rules are starting to sink in. And he still does get into trouble but at least we don't feel like we're constantly correcting him. Feels like quite a milestone!

GQ is also gaining more patience, not a lot, but some. A few days ago I found him in the toy room putting together a 46 piece puzzle that a month ago he refused to attempt. He'd dump the pieces, kick them around and then move on. Now he'll sit down, sort them out and start piecing together. Way to go GQ!

He's a curious little guy with a photographic memory! I never thought many people paid attention to commercial on television, but GQ does. He tells me about Super Putty that I need to seal leaks in my bathroom pipes (we don't have leaks, but they show that use on the commercial.) And he explains to me about some water globes that will make my plants stay moist...I could go on and on. It's a little funny and distrubing at the same time.

He's now in love with Spider Man...not sure how I feel about that. I know the cartoon is painful for me to watch, terrible acting, hard to believe a cartoon can have bad acting, but it does. He wants everything Spider Man. He does have a Spider Man lunch box and monster truck and hopefully it will remain at that. He won't be owning any Spider Man clothing or shoes, he seems OK with that. He knows our rule on character stuff...but he still asks, I guess just hoping for a weak moment. Spider Man is everywhere too, so it's hard to avoid the constant requests of Spider Man something or another...I rec'd my Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail last week and was browsing through hoping to find bedding for GQ and came across Spider Man sheets! Usually I let GQ look at the catalog but it quickly found a place in the recycle bin. Mean mommy, I know ;)

Sports...he's into them all. GQ watches Reds baseball with his daddy and MLS too. Then there is golf, they go to the driving range and hit balls at home too, with his own driver. He plays baseball out in the yard, learning to ice skate so he can play hockey (he just got a new pair of real hockey skates, they are too cute!) He's 100% boy...

I can't believe I am typing this...but he just came to tell me he had to go to the bathroom and asked me to get a newspaper for him to read in there. Crazy little guy! :D

Thanks for letting me brag a little...


1 Crafty Gal said...

Awwww, I never thought reading a craft blog would bring tears to my eyes!!! What a cute story your put up here Tonya. Now print it out and use it on a page. It's too good not to.

Time for another??? ROFLMAO! Oh, no wait...heeee heeeee!!!

P.S., Joey is all about the infomercials too. You should have seen him in the As seen on TV shops in Gatlinburg. He could sell the products better than the sales clerks! LOL!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of GQ with us!