Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Important people in our lives

I recently started something new for GQ's scrapbooks. Instead of always scrapbooking moments or events in his life, I've begun adding pages of people that are important in his life or ours that we want him to know and remember. I started with his grandparents and now onto the great-grandparents. GQ is very fortunate to have lots of grandparents!

I made this page with a photo of my grandparents, his great-grandparents, that was taken at their 65th wedding annivesary celebration. That's right, 65 years! I included a small amount of journaling in the pocket that just briefs some of our visits to them and some memories I have of them when I was a kid.

GQ certainly is a lucky little guy with lots of people important people in his life that love him.


Sorry I haven't posted any cards lately. I've been pretty busy just being a mommy. With the nice weather, travel and visitors we've had, I haven't much time to create. I need to make some cards though and will very soon, I promise!


mjenningsdesigns said...

I love it!

Paula said...

I love that idea. Thanks for sharing it (and the page is beautiful!)

1 Crafty Gal said...

I swear I posted on this photo. I love it! You did a great job!!!