Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some *ME* time...finally!

I haven't had time to make a card or scrap a page all week. I was starting to feel pretty cranky because I didn't have any *ME* time. Started off the week with some sinus issues and seasonal allergies, then hubby had a few late days at work and finally it has just been gorgeous outside so GQ is keeping us outside a lot (leaving very little time inside for chores or play.) We've been out so much that we were sunburned by the end of the day yesterday. Not used to this early of a spring, so I wasn't prepared with the sunscreen. Now I will be!

Anyway...I made a card using a white cardstock base, which I NEVER do. But I thought it would be a nice change of pace for me. And I love the citrusy colors of my ribbon, so I took my inspiration from that. Nothing too fancy, just stamped my flowers and added some stickles, put the ribbon through and smacked it on that white cardstock. Ta da!

I feel better...I have been creative today. Hopefully I'll have more time tonight, I have something else up in my head that I'd like to try :D

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