Friday, March 21, 2008

Just in time for spring and Easter festivities...

my new Anna Williams handbag arrived in the mail! I'm so excited because it's awesome! And what makes it so awesome is that it was customized by me. My friend, Natalia, brought over a big tub of purse designs and another tub of equal size filled with over 100 fabric samples to choose from. I could have had like six different fabrics on this bag and a number of different closures. I choose three fabrics and a ribbon accent and it's GORGEOUS! I think I could be addicted to these bags already!

Thanks, Natalia for taking the time to come over let me look through all your treasures! And having such a great eye and helping suggest this winning combination! I really do LOVE it!

Outside of purse: dark denim, patterned fabric and ribbon

Inside of purse: gingham with the patterned fabric cell phone pocket

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mjenningsdesigns said...

OK. I am in love! I need one too!